Risk-Defined Managed Portfolios

Innova’s ‘Risk-Defined’ managed portfolios focus on ensuring that portfolio risk is managed within very specific limits. The ‘Risk-Defined’ style is based on relatively unconstrained asset allocation and Innova’s proprietary dynamic asset allocation process.  This style is offered in three investment options which correspond to three primary goal-based buckets; Lifestyle Preservation, Wealth Creation, and Aspiration.


Innova offer these investment options in both a high functionality format ('Flagship') and a low cost format ('Fundamental').  In the Flagship format, the portfolios utilise the extensive suite of investment vehicles and strategies on offer via our preferred platform partners.  This provides tremendous flexibility in investment structure, and given Innova's unbiased approach to investment vehicle selection, full use is made of all that is available (i.e. we utilise non-listed managed funds including non-traditional strategies as well as listed vehicles such as ETPs, and SMAs).


In the Fundamental format, index investments are combined with efficiently priced ETPs and SMAs in a highly sophisticated, transparent package for clients.