Partner with Us

Innova welcome the opportunity to work with Licencees in assisting their clients.


Partnering with Innova brings a number of significant benefits including: ‘private label’ solutions, Innova's robust proprietary investment and risk management process, Innova’s own partnership with global actuarial and risk management firm Milliman Group, and commercial arrangements with managed fund providers for reduced fees on a range of funds plus Innova’s own sustainable pricing.


Private Label

Innova are experienced in delivering ‘Private Label’ solutions to Licensees, large advice practices and financial advisers.


A private label is designed to deliver a robust and customised solution to the advisers clients (i.e. tailor investments to suit your client base).


Align your managed account offering to your clients financial goals whilst delivering a robust, scalable solutions that assists your practice focus on what you do best (i.e. strategic advice and providing great service to your clients).


Dealer Group

Licensees can partner with Innova to add additional depth to their investment committee. Innova has a robust proprietary investment, risk management process and long standing partnership with global actuarial and risk management firm Milliman Group.


Innova can also assist in creating and running private label managed account solutions for the dealer group through one of our preferred partner platforms Hub24, netwealth and CFS (with Macquarie and BT joining shortly).


When a licensee in conjunction with Innova run their own managed account solution it delivers a consistent, robust and risk limiting solution for both the licensee and also clients funds.


Furthermore, a revenue stream may be derived to the dealer group for their input into the investment committee and running of the private label solution.



If you are an individual Financial Adviser and would like to gain access to Innova’s portfolios, we are happy to provide you with all the relevant information required to assist you with ‘Approved Product List (APL)’ conversations.


Alternatively, we can assist you in finding a Dealer Group that aligns with your beliefs and also supports Innova portfolios.


If you would like any further information or would like to join us, please contact:

Doug Hope
Head of Distribution

M: +61 429 443 790