Performance Reports

To download a copy of the Innova Asset Management Monthly Performance Reports please click on the desired date.


Currently only the Performance Reports for the past 3 months are publicly available, however if you require a specific date please contact us.


We hope you find the report useful and as always, please contact the Innova team or your Financial Adviser if you would like to discuss any investment related matters.


Date Investment Program Conservative Moderately Conservative Balanced  Growth High       Growth
Feb 2018 HUB24
Feb 2018 CFS
Feb 2018 netwealth
Jan 2018 HUB24
Jan 2018 CFS
Jan 2018 netwealth
Dec 2017 HUB24
Dec 2017 CFS
Dec 2017 netwealth
Nov 2017 HUB24    
Nov 2017 CFS
Nov 2017 netwealth
Oct 2017 HUB24    
Oct 2017 CFS
Oct 2017 netwealth  
Sept 2017 HUB24
Sept 2017 CFS
Sept 2017 netwealth    
Aug 2017 HUB 24
Aug 2017 CFS
Aug 2017 netwealth
July 2017 HUB 24
July 2017 CFS
July 2017 netwealth
Jun 2017 HUB 24
Jun 2017 CFS
Jun 2017 netwealth
May 2017 HUB 24  
May 2017 CFS  
May 2017 netwealth