About us

Innova Asset Management (Innova) is an innovative boutique investment consulting firm which offers a range of risk focused portfolio solutions.

We approach risk in a multi-faceted way, understanding that each client has a series of risks they are exposed to in their lives, and differing tolerances to these risks – we believe that this should be reflected in outcomes-focussed portfolio construction. Innova is impartial with regard to investment provider, style and structure.


Established in 2010, Innova are founded on the principles of providing robust and innovative use of new technologies (where advantageous) and research intensive insights to generate better outcomes for clients. Innova have a unique partnership with the Milliman Group, one of the world’s largest actuarial and financial risk management firms. This partnership complements Innova's rigorous investment modelling and asset allocation framework to better deliver outcomes in-line with clients' needs and objectives.


The founding members of Innova have a long standing history of providing Investment research to the financial planning industry including many of the advisers residing within the Fortnum Group. When Fortnum Financial Advisers was established, they needed the services of an Investment Consulting team whom they could trust to deliver unbiased and high quality implemented portfolio construction solutions direct to their clients. It is through their past roles and cumulative experiences, that the Innova team developed a thorough understanding of the needs of advisers and retail clients, and what is relevant and practical for their investments. This is borne out by the results of the Core Data surveys from the past 4 years, where Innova received the # 1 ranking position over all comparable investment research teams in Australia.













Innova take a unique approach to portfolio construction which identifies the underlying risk factors attached to each individual asset class which may be included in client portfolios. This combines with our rigorous valuation modelling on individual asset classes and interacts with feedback provided by our financial advisers around client needs. We then determine the appropriate asset mix to deliver the optimal risk adjusted outcome for individual clients focussing though on managing risk first – returns will then follow. This new approach has been developed in close consultation with our adviser practitioner clients and has met with their strong satisfaction, as evident in the CoreData survey results.


Access to Innova is available via your licensed Financial Adviser, HUB24 or netwealth.


Innova is a corporate authorised representative of Fortnum Private Wealth Ltd (AFSL 357306)